The HR Chatbot has been fed with many kind of data over the last month, and here are som examples of what you can ask it.

If you want data about the different HR types:
“Weight of a HR342”
“HR 44 designer”
“Watertank HR54”
“Mainsail HR 37”

“HR 352 count”

You can also ask for data about the HR-Club itself, like:
“Members HR 34” (=> number of registered HR 34 boats on
“HR-Club founder” (=> tells you my name :))
“Memberscount of HR-Club” (=> Gives you the total memberscount).

It’s the v1.1 of the bot, so please do not demand to much. I work on making the knowledgebase grow, and soon I hope to be able to serve you how to repair different things on your HR, and which boats on the markets there is for sale.

If the bot cannot give you an answer, please wait some days and ask again, because in the beginning it has to learn a lot, and it might take some time…

All the botting best 😉

Lars Hendriksen, HR-Club admin (14/12-2019)