Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
005Stella MarisHaerri JürgSanta Cruz
010FreidigØrjan ÅdlandBergen
017PegasusMichael HedgesEssex CT
032Vidi ViciMark W. LigthartDen Helder
041LottaVetaas ÅgeBergen
043Ziggy StardustTom MoermanBruinisse
049Racoon 2Seb and Suzanne ShirtcliffLefkas
057EXUMADavid WatsonGosport
078SolunaUlrike LöweBocholt
086IndigoJan Åke BergströmLandskrona
?KyriPeter Fidder & Kerri WykLefkas
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