Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
001Lord NelsonJens BollerupHvide Sande
011ElinGunilla StenströmNorrtälje
024CopepodHoward DrydenInverness
029CadenceStephen and Ellen McHughOxford Maryland
038GooseDirk & Loretta JacobszOcean Marine
039FredrikaLars BakkegaardNibe
091BonaPeter BaePort of Busan
102VarunaEva & Staffan PerssonMuiderzand
110VictoriaBiggi KrummNeustadt (Holstein)
122LUPIBjorn E. BorresenOslo
126Figaro XIXRolf JohnsenStavanger
?Mareni IIDanko CrncevicMalinska
?Blue HeronTasha Sims/Douglas MacDonaldMamaroneck (NY)
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