Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
001Lord NelsonJens BollerupHvide Sande
011ElinGunilla StenströmNorrtälje
024CopepodHoward DrydenInverness
027MoiraJohn MaySydney
029CadenceEllen McHughOxford Maryland
035Blue HeronPeter BisioAnnapolis
038GooseDirkOcean Marine
039FredrikaLars BakkegaardNibe
056SophiaIlpo UotilaHSK Helsinki
091BonaPeter BaePort of Busan
102VarunaEva PerssonMuiderzand
110VictoriaBiggi KrummNeustadt (Holstein)
116Mareni IIDanko CrncevicMalinska
122LUPIBjorn E. BorresenOslo
126Figaro XIXRolf JohnsenStavanger
?Blue HeronTasha SimsMamaroneck (NY)
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