Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
001KuttrasjuFinn NielsenMariager
020DarlingIngemar WaldenbyHinsholmen (Göteborg)
031AuroraFriedemann StarckBergen
044TadornaFrancois GirodolleBurnham on Crouch
086Faxe IVMorten FalletDrøbak
104PerlaBjørn Inge and FridaSkansen
108GlenGarry RobsonBlyth (Northumberland)
124Olga IIKid Kyrklund / Ulla-Maija KyrklundEkenäs
156SuutjeMartin & Nicole MellesLübeck
174Flot 2Flemming Hellebek & Tove HellebekFrederiksværk
185OstaraMichael HowlettRiver Orwell
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