To join the HR-Club Network, please register your Hallberg Rassy in our database:     Register

We have divided the boats into the following 5 categories, and we add all new memberboats to these categories, as soon as the boat is registered:

20 – 29 feet         30 – 39 feet         40 – 49 feet         50 – 59 feet         60 – 64 feet

We do not publish the members email or phonenumber in our database, but if we gets any requests, we are happy to pass in on, so that the queried member can make the contact him-/herself!

Please email any requests to:

View the complete list of boats here – remember that each column are sortable, simply by clicking its header:

#Model:Country:Sail no.:Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
001HR 24 - Misil IIDK162SisseDitte Dangaard ChristensenSundsøre