Here you can buy the Hallberg Rassy Club Flag. See the flag live in the bottom of this page. Each size and shipping has it’s own box!

Small: 75 x 40 cm. (DKK: 235 / USD 36 / EURO 32)
Large: 150 x 80 cm. (DKK: 349 / USD 53 / EURO 47)

To Denmark: DKK 50
To Europe: DKK 200 / USD 31 / EURO 27
To USA: DKK 275 / USD 42 / EURO 37
HR-Club Flag
HR-Club Flag: 75 x 40 cm. (Shipping: Denmark)
DKK50.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK285.00
HR-Club Flag: 150 x 80 cm. (Shipping: Denmark)
DKK50.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK399.00
HR-Club Flag: 75 x 40 cm. (Shipping: Europe)
DKK190.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK425.00
HR-Club Flag: 150 x 80 cm. (Shipping: Europe)
DKK190.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK539.00
HR-Club Flag: 75 x 40 cm. (Shipping: World)
DKK275.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK510.00
HR-Club Flag: 150 x 80 cm. (Shipping: World)
DKK275.00 (shipping)
Total: DKK624.00

If the sizes doesn’t fit you, please write what measures that fits you better (wished lenght & height) and I will get back to you asap, before you buy – else just select the size and shipping you want above! You are also welcome to just leave a comment:

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