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013IONAPer Greibe NielsenStruer
?ChristineHåvard BratvoldMoss
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When Hallberg Rassy 45 was launched in 1988, it was a trendsetter. It was the first HR designed by German Frers.

HR 45 introduced an external lead pot, and a more robust hull, with stiffer longitudinal and crossing the boat, between the floor and the keel, which significantly strengthens the design. In addition, it introduced a hull insulated with Divinycell foam, which not only isolates against heat and cold; It also ensures an even stiffer hull.

HR 45 combined all of Hallberg Rassy’s traditional features, such as style, robustness, comfort, fine woodwork, thorough technical installations and ample tank capacity with unmatched sailing characteristics, of a sailboat of this type.

Hallberg Rassy 45 won the overall victory in the ARC across the Atlantic, in competition with a number of Whitbread ships and racers / cruisers.

HR 45 was followed by HR 46.


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