Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
017PJATKirsten & Lars NielsenRanders
026FreyjaRobin VintherStruer
056Min AmandaHans RysgaardLangelinie
065PrincessThomas KarlsenJyllinge
102MilurPeer JørgensenFrederiksværk
8441Tekla 202Frederik BarthOslo
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HR 31 Mk I is a true Hallberg-Rassy, ​​with the same high quality and elegance as her larger sisters.

The interior, woodwork and door frames are made in the chosen mahogany, which has become a Hallberg Rassy brand. The interior is extremely well designed based on her size. It contains a spacious pantry, large lounge and shower room, and two private cabins, giving you a volume and space that you usually only find on bigger boats.

The cockpit is comfortable and has plenty of room for guests. The design is by Germán Frers and has excellent sailing skills. The boat is well balanced and is easily controlled with one hand on the helm.

We quote from the Swedish Yachting magazine Båtnytt:
“Extremely spacious, bright and inviting interior. The sailing and seagoing qualities are in a class for themselves. It is clear that it is a cruiser, at the speed through the water and the angle of the wind is amazing. A modern, safe cruiser that gives its owner great satisfaction.”

PDFWiring diagram

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