Sail no.Boat name:Owner(s):Harbour:
162SisseDitte Dangaard ChristensenSkive
199KielwieselChristian GeilingFlensburg
270Sara VILotta KnoppHelsinki
466PinnjstagginjKasper KarlsenMargretheholms Havn
492SopranoHenrik Mikael MøllerSvanemøllehavnen
M24 - S358GuldGa'senInga og Ole Nørskov-NielsenFrederikssund
NO 15569DagnyAnne BerggrafOslo
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Misil II is designed for the young family who wants a quality boat with an elegant design. In its latest model, Misil II has got a broader hedge that gives better sailing skills and higher speed.

It has proven to be one of the smaller sailboats that really meet the requirements for offshore sailing – there are Misil owners who have sailed all the way from Sweden to the Caribbean.

Misil II has a practical cockpit, with its laces easily accessible in front of the helmsman and with the ratchet mounted on the stern. The first Misil II’s had the rootstock mounted in the cockpit, but this was quickly changed to outside the cockpit for better comfort.

Misil II has either an outboard engine or an inboard engine. “II” stands for 2nd version, after Misil I, and Misil II became “Boat of the Year” in 1972.

HR 24 Misil II videos:

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