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Misil I is the precursor of the more well-known Misil II. Misil I have the same hull, but a mahogany superstructure and another type of interior. The superstructure is located further on Misil I than on Misil II, and the hull is very modern for its age and looks attractive, even today. The boat’s structure is a bit like HR 62.

The first five boats were made exclusively in mahogany, also hull, but then GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) hull with GRP tires was available – the superstructure has always been mahogany.

One of the most famous Misil Sailors is Rolf Bjelke, known sailor and author of the book “Time on Ice” along with Deborah Shapiro. Rolf is an old HR friend and has sailed a lot in his Misil I.

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